5 Great Uses for a Dry Basement Room

Homeowners can expand their living space and find great personal comfort just by looking to the basement. A snug dry basement space is the perfect location for a family to spread out. Here are 5 great approaches to additional livable space:

  1. BDry SystemAn extra bedroom. Whether its secluded space for a growing teenager, or a private space for visiting relatives, a basement bedroom can add value to your living arrangement. Plus – you may add significant resell value to your home. Some building codes require a window in the room, check with your local authorities.
  2. A man-cave. Imagine your own private sanctuary: a desk for after-hours computer work, a bench for projects and hobbies. Then you include a plush couch and a TV for screening testosterone laden, action-packed buddy movies.
  3. A woman-cave. See above. Desk, check. Projects and hobbies, check. Replace “buddy movies” with “chick flicks.”
  4. A family room. Growing kids need to make noise and jump up and down. Send them to a basement playroom to exert all their energies and imaginations, removed from the quiet of the rest of the house. Everyone agrees that basement floors are much better for jumping than joist-supported second floors.
  5. A media room. Dream big! Subdues lighting, comfortable seating, a mammoth big screen or maybe an overhead projection system. Invest in a great surround sound system. What a great retreat for the family on a Friday or Saturday night.

A critical part of expanding your living space below stairs is to ensure a dry, waterproof basement. BDry consultants are expert investigators: they will check your home for any clues of water entering your home. Should water be present, they can address a range of issues and make it right. Back by 60 years of experience, BDrywaterproofing is your first call when planning an expanded living space.