Buying a house? 3 vital tips for detecting water problems, and resolving them.

This weekend, thousands of potential buyers all across the country will take to the streets in search of Open Houses and For Sale signs. The search is on for a new home. Whether it’s a first home for long-time apartment dwellers, or a step up for expanding families, the home-buying experience is an exciting time.

It can also be fraught with peril.

BDry waterproofing offers these tips for home seekers:

  • Look beyond the obvious. In addition to a great floor plan and nice backyard, focus attention on basement walls. If no basement, check around the foundation and crawlspace area for any telltale signs of water damage. These can include water pooling, bowing walls, and unusual cracks in the foundation.
  • Ask the tough questions. Don’t just inquire about new flooring, painted rooms or other aesthetics.  Has there been any major renovations done and did it involve the foundation, basement or crawlspace?  Has there ever been any foundation work or a waterproofing system installed in the home?  Why?  What was the original issue?  Then you can do some of your own investigating and look for problem signs.
  • Putting in your time. Did you know that much of time in a professional home inspection is spent in the basement? (Home inspectors also spend a lot of time in attics.) Home inspectors will look for discoloration of floors or walls, watch for cracks, and they’ll check if walls have been covered with so-called “waterproofing paint”. You can get a head-start by checking some of these things yourself.

Should you find an indication of water issues in the home, it may not be a deal-breaker. The seller may disclose that, yes, they had an issue and subsequently had it fixed. These instances are common in homes all over the country.


Many water issues can be easily remedied. Contact your local BDry and schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained consultants. Water seepage problems may be easily repaired, and often for less money than either you or the seller may think.

It’s magical when you fall in love with the perfect home for you and your family. Should you find that it has a few water-related blemishes, don’t lose heart. It may still be the perfect home for you. For the peace of mind of all involved, give BDry a call. 1-888-779-2379, or click here and request a free in-home evaluation.