Basement water issues, flooding threaten couple’s plan to sell.

I still have some photos of our cute 2-bedroom walkup. We had lived there for 15 years, but times had changed. It was time to move on, and we had found another area more convenient to work and to family.

Kaye had been recommended to us as a great Realtor® in the area. She came over for her first walk-through.

“Lovely home,” she said. “Buyers will love your kitchen,” she told us. “Your home shows beautifully,” she exclaimed.

And then we headed into the basement.

Wet Basement Wall“There seems to be some wet spots on your basement walls,” Kaye said.

“It’s a wet basement,” I said, somewhat pointedly. “Isn’t that normal?” I was clueless.

She pointed at the floor. “Some of these vinyl tiles seem to have popped up.”

I nodded. “Sometimes in the days after a heavy rain, tiles will pop. It’s not a problem, I will glue them back down before any showings.”

Kaye bent down to examine the baseboard. “Do you know there’s a brown water line along your wall? See how it is wet, coming up the molding?”

“I know. It’s not a problem. It’ll wipe up and dry off before we get the house listed.”

And that’s when she told me that our house was unsellable. She said that we needed to find a solution for our basement water problem. That’s when we called BDry.

Honestly, we had never spent a lot of time in the basement, so to me, these issues were ridiculously minor. I was focused on getting packed and getting to our new home.

But Kaye was telling me we’d never sell our house! We were blocked from ever seeing the money we needed to buy our new home!

A short while later we stood in the same basement with Andy, a representative from the local BDry waterproofing office. He was incredibly knowledgeable: he was so specific about the soil around our home and how water would find the path of least resistance. He tried to explain the dominant building techniques used back in the day. Andy told us about hydrostatic pressure — thousands of pounds of pressure, straining against our basement walls. The water was even pushing in from underneath our house!

I’m no building engineer. The little home we had loved was now a “little house of horrors”, blocking us from our dream of moving to the next chapter in our lives!

The BDry crew set to work about a week later, implementing a proven system with 50+ years of effectiveness. Almost half a million homes (500,000) have a BDry waterproofing solution at work! Within just a few days, the new system was in. The floors and walls were dry and neither Kaye nor I detected any signs of a wet basement the day of our real estate open house.

Kaye and Aaron both said, a wet basement in your home rarely gets better with time. Looking back, I wish I had addressed it earlier. But getting the BDry system in our small house was key to us finding a new buyer. I had real peace of mind handing house keys to the smiling couple taking possession of our former home. Their twin boys would have hours of fun playing in a dry basement.

And we moved on to our new place!

– Chris Lakely